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And the things that get in its way.

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21 April 1985
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I started this journal when I was 16. I didn't think much of it, but I kept writing, and now I have a more-or-less unbroken record of the last 10 years of my life. Most of it is excruciatingly embarrassing. But I believe in embarrassment, and I think it keeps me honest, so I won't touch a word, nor will I ever make any of private. I suspect it's of little interest, but if you are interested, have fun. (I never got the hang of making online friends- but by all means, talk to me anyway. As for the few people I know in real life that read this- feel free to call me out on shit. And hi mom.)
abandoned buildings, aggression, always saying yes, ants, anything history-related at all, artificial light, artistic graffiti, autism spectrum people, baking, black coffee, black tea, blues, bruises, bug-eyed goldfish, cats, chips on people's shoulders, christianity, christmas lights in america, cigarettes, climbing things, compline, doodles, dostoevsky, dry cereal, dusty bookshelves, dystopian novels, earnesty, embroidering, existentialism, fencing, friendship, geologists, getting deliberately lost, having stories to tell, herman hesse, homemade seminars, horseback riding, justice, knitting, languages, laundry smells, learning constellations, learning edible wild plants, long-distance walks, love, magical realism, marker packs, memorizing poetry, mercy, modern russian literature, old people, owl imagery, peregrine falcons, philosophizing, picturing photos, playing devil's advocate, procrastinating, radical honesty, raw statistical data, reading, running water, self-sacrifice, sewing, shadows, sharpies, shooting arrows, shooting guns, silly dancing, simplicity, singing my grandfather's songs, sleep deprivation, small children, small toads, storytelling, strangers reading me right, sugar, summer fields in austria, sunblock, t. s. eliot, tattoos, teaching, terry pratchett, the color black, the color red, the flaws you're hiding, the future, the kindness of strangers, the night, the past, the right to unattractiveness, the stars, theater lighting, things between couch cushions, translating, trees, uncomfortable innuendo, unwittingly cool people, what you're thinking, whiskey, writing

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