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Cute Thing That Happened
The five-year-old likes it when I am over and her brother has a friend over, because that means she has a playmate. Not that she won't play with them, but, as she wryly commented to me, "I could do without the screeching." Seven-year-old boys can get LOUD.

But see, since they are seven - eight soon! - they're mature now. They're not babies; they're tough guys! And that means it's not so cool to play with the babysitter anymore. Especially not in front of your friends. Especially not when said friend probably also wouldn't like to be reminded that he used to play with the babysitter too. And that he was scared of her zombie impression. Ah, how different things were when THEY were the five-year-olds. :)

So anyway, we were playing a board game Kathi's currently obsessed with when Leo busts in, friend trailing at his heels, and just holds up this robot dog toy I already knew he got for Christmas. And I was like, oh, hey, its eyes move, etc. - assorted taking-an-interest comments - and then, need apparently fulfilled, off Leo went again, friend still trailing like, "What was that all about?"

Translation: Leo loves loves loves his stuff. He's the only kid I've ever known who like, really does appreciate his toys and knows exactly what and where they are and tries to take care of them. He has a new "coolest possession ever" and he's proud and he has to show it to me - albeit silently and with a facial expression of "yeah, it's no big deal". Awwwww!


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